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Cheek Fillers

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Are Cheek Fillers Right for You? 

With cheek fillers, you can easily improve your facial structure and appearance. From simply defining your cheekbones to bringing back the plumpness off your skin, cheek fillers have the potential to improve your facial appearance depending on its placement. With the added structural support, cheek fillers can also reduce and eradicate the visible signs of aging. Whether it be to give your face needed lift or to reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles, cheek fillers at RevitalizeYou MD can help you achieve your desired appearance. 

Cheek Filler Treatment Expectations

1. Revitalize You MD Consultation

At Revitalize You MD, before we can proceed with any type of dermal filler treatment, you will need to go through a consultation session with a member of our medical team. This is to ensure that you’re getting the right treatment for the results you want. Based on the consultation, your doctor will decide on the number of injections and their exact placements to ensure that you end up with the best results and desired appearance when it’s time to inject the fillers. 

Consultations will often happen a few weeks before the actual procedure so that your doctor can properly tailor the treatment to achieve your desired results as well as give your time to properly prepare for the cheek fillers.

2. Pre-Treatment Procedure 

After your consultation and discussion of getting cheek fillers, your doctor may ask you to stop taking blood-thinning medications leading up to the treatment. This is because blood thinners may cause adverse reactions or serve bleeding when taken in conjunction or immediately before any cheek filler treatment.  

If you’re on blood-thinning medication for other underlying conditions, do mention it during your consultation so that your doctor can give you additional pretreatment procedure guidelines that will reduce the risk of complications after the injections while still allowing you to take the necessary medications. 

3. Cheek Filler Injections

On the actual day of your cheek filler injection appointment, a topical anesthetic will be applied to your cheek area to numb it out before injecting the filler into your skin. Depending on your consultation and the treatment site’s surface area, you may need more or less filler but usually, only 1-3 mL will be injected per cheek. Overall, the entire procedure should only take 20 minutes and is considered an outpatient procedure.

4. Post-Treatment Recovery

Right after the cheek fillers have been injected into your skin, you may notice some bruising and discoloration which should disappear after a few days. You should also avoid sleeping on your cheek or applying any type of pressure on it as it could cause the filler to move or travel to other parts of your face. 

High impact exercises should likewise be avoided for the next 2 days after your treatment to allow the cheek filler to fully settle. To avoid infection, it’s also advisable to not touch your face and gently wash it to keep away any bacteria that could cause a severe reaction. 

Benefits of Cheek Filler

There are multiple types of cheek fillers with some being hyaluronic acid-based and collagen-based. Depending on which type you chose and its administration, cheek fillers will last anywhere between 6 months to 2 years. After 6 months, the filler will be. slowly metabolized by your body resulting in the disappearance of the added volume and plumpness to your cheeks. 

Cheek fillers at Revitalize You MD are a great non-surgical alternative to cheek implants and facial reconstruction surgeries as they provide several benefits:

  1. Cheek filler injection is considered as an outpatient procedure that doesn’t require general anesthesia.
  2. Minimal recovery/downtime is required after the treatment as most patients resume their normal daily activities shortly after receiving fillers. 
  3. While they do offer long-lasting effects, cheek fillers are temporary so they don’t require a lot of commitment for patients who may change their minds down the line. 
  4. Both hyaluronic and collagen-based cheek fillers are safe for the general population and don’t have a lot of after-treatment complications. 
  5. Cheek fillers can be customized to your liking, meaning you can add or lessen the number of cheek fillers injected into your face until you’re happy with the result. 


1. Can cheek fillers be a substitute for a facelift?

Depending on the placement of the cheek filler, injecting them directly onto the skin can help you achieve similar results to a facelift. I can also help sculpt your face and give you a natural facial contour. 

By adding structural support through the cheek fillers, you should notice a visible lift to your cheekbones and overall facial structure. You will also notice that your facial wrinkles and fine lines are less visible if not completely gone after cheek fillers have been administered. 

2. How often can you get cheek fillers?

While cheek fillers should last at least 6 months with others lasting for as long as 2 years, the fillers metabolization by your body will differ from person to person. If you notice that the results of your cheek filler treatment are starting to diminish, you can get a touch-up or additional fillers 3 to 6 months after your initial appointment. 

However, if the results from your initial cheek filler injections are still visible, you can book your next appointment after 12 months. 

3. Are cheek fillers safe?

Cheek fillers are a low-risk cosmetic procedure that is minimally invasive. When done by a medical professional or a plastic surgeon, cheek fillers rarely cause any side effects or adverse reactions to any patient. 

4. What are the common side effects of cheek fillers?

After getting cheek fillers, it’s expected that the cheek area will experience some swelling, bruising, discoloration, and itchiness within the first few days. 

If you’re still experiencing side effects after a few days or feel like you’re having an allergic reaction to your cheek fillers, it’s best to contact your doctor to assess the situation. 

In the worst-case scenario, cheek fillers may cause severe reactions that lead to tissue death, vein injuries, and vision loss. 

5. Is there such a thing as too much cheek filler?

While cheek fillers may help you achieve the look of plumper cheeks and a more defined cheekbone, having too much injectable filler of any kind can be a bad thing. Using an excessive amount of cheek filler for extended periods of time can cause more damage to your skin and appearance in the long run. 

This is because of the fact that having too much filler can prematurely stretch the skin and cause wrinkling, fine lines, and prevent natural facial fat from attaching to the skin causing a gaunt, aged look. 

As to not use too much filler, it’s advised that you go to a professional dermatologist to reap the benefits of filler while avoiding any possible downsides. 

6. Can you have cheek fillers removed?

While most cheek fillers will naturally dissolve into your skin tissues, you can get them removed if you decide that you no longer want them. Similar to the administration of cheek fillers, removing them will also involve a solution being injected underneath your skin. 

By injecting the enzyme hyaluronidase, the breakdown of the hyaluronic acid found in your cheek fillers will be sped up and effectively remove the cheek fillers appearance on your face. 

For non-hyaluronic acid fillers, a steroid will be injected which will cause the filler to degrade much quicker subsequently removing the appearance of cheek fillers from your face as well. 

Get Expert Cheek Filler Treatments with Revitalize You MD

Cheek filler injections are a minimally invasive treatment that can help you get the defined facial structure you’ve been wanting. From plumping up your cheeks to giving you a natural facial contour, cheek fillers can be beneficial to anyone’s appearance. Unlike other surgical facial cosmetic procedures, cheek fillers offer you great results with minimal recovery time as well as lasting results from 6 months to 2 years. Get expert cheek filler treatments and book a treatment consultation with Revitalize You MD Today!


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