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Sexual Wellness

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Causes of Sexual Wellness Decline


Stress is one of the most prominent reasons for sexual wellness decline, with 51% of people saying that work-related stress has led to limited or even no sex in their relationship. Feeling stressed has been shown to cause a decline in sexual wellness and sexual drive in both men and women. 

It’s also been found that stress can actually increase the concentrations of cortisol found in the body, which subsequently represses sex hormones and cause libido to decrease significantly. 

Hormonal Imbalance

Whether you’re a man or a woman having a hormonal imbalance of hypogonadism can affect your sexual wellness. For men, having low levels of testosterone can lead to a low or non-existent sex drive. Likewise, low production of estrogen in women can lead to a low sex drive. 

Meanwhile, younger people may be experiencing a low sex drive due to hypogonadism. On the other hand, adults with hormonal imbalances that are affecting their sex drive may need to visit a doctor for possible treatments. 


If you’re under prescription medication for a pre-existing condition or birth control, it’s possible that they’re altering your hormone levels synthetically and causing a lower sex drive. While you shouldn’t stop taking your medications in the hopes of boosting your libido, you can ask your doctor for any alternative medications that may not cause such negative side effects to your relationship.

Loss of Sensation Due To Other Activities

Certain activities like cycling or excessive masturbation can cause a loss of sensation during sex. When you masturbate too frequently, it’s possible that the excessive friction you place on your sex organs will cause it to lose a significant amount of sensitivity and make sex less pleasurable in the long run. 

Sexual Wellness Treatments

For Men

If you’re experiencing a decline in sexual wellness as a man, whether it be due to loss of libido or erectile dysfunction (ED), platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections or the P-Shot can easily treat EDs while also boosting your sex drive in the process. 

PRP injections use your own blood-derived platelets and directly injects them into your penile shaft. The great thing about the P-shot is that there’s barely any downtime and can resume sexual activity as soon as 4 hours after treatment. 

For Women

While not as advertised as men's sexual wellness treatments, PRP injections and stem cell therapy can also effectively boost a woman's libido and sex drive. PRP injections and stem cell therapy have been shown to not only increase sensitivity for a more pleasurable experience but also to repair damaged cells and nerves that help with vaginal dryness and reduced lubrication. 

While you may experience some discomfort for the first 48 hours, you should be able to incase in sexual intercourse shortly your treatment.

Medications To Boost Sexual Wellness

There are also several oral medication treatments that can help boost your overall sexual wellness. Perhaps the most popular sex-enhancing drug, sildenafil (Viagra) can help men’s sexual wellness by addressing issues with erectile dysfunctions. 

Women, on the other hand can take flibanserin (Addyi) or bremelanotide (Vyleesi) which have both been FDA-approved and shown to boost low sexual drive in women. Additionally, if women suddenly experience a decline in sexual wellness after taking birth control, you may need to change your dosage or brand to prevent its negative effects on your sex drive. 

Improve Your Sexual Wellness with Treatments at Revitalize You MD

Sexual wellness is an important part of anyone’s relationship. At Revitalize You MD, we understand the toll a low sex drive and declining sexual wellness can take a toll on any relationship which is why we offer quick and effective sexual wellness treatments to all of our patients looking to boost their sex life. Improve your sex life and book any of our sexual wellness treatments today at Revitalize You MD.


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